Inspiration from pictures can trigger some interesting writing

So I had five minutes to look at three pictures and write something - JUST FIVE MINUTES IN TOTAL.  

The pictures?  One was a long road going into distant land.  Second was an old man with a
pipe and a flat cap.  Third picture was a woman lying on the ground covered by a blanket with one hand dropped to one side and a glimpse of her face.  

Now this is not a wonderful piece of writing - but I just wanted to share what I did write in five minutes - and it surprised me.

ROUTE 66 - my teenage dream -   East to West?  or West to East?  Travelling through History and People’s Lives.
STOP THE CAR!  I scream.  Just look at that face, does he really exist?  Flat cap and pipe with bulbous nose.  Maybe 70+ 
I wonder if he ever left small town America.  I wonder what his hands are like.  Cotton picker maybe, but then Negros did that work just to stay alive.

My thoughts return to San Francisco - middle class people in dire straits due to medical costs.  One day nice job, next day Bucks stop.
You’re out on your ear.  Nice lady sleeping on the street at night; clean sheets, clean nails, but not for long. Soon her life will be another wreckage statistic, another reason to buy the next President’s promises.  

Ok, lets move.  We have wheels, wheels are power, its gonna be a long journey.