We invite you to expansive, glorious settings, one in the Alpujaras in Southern Spain, and the other on the Gower Peninsular, South Wales. We also run workshops at various venues in Bristol.

We believe that to take you on a journey to expansiveness, creativity and freedom it is very supportive to be in a beautiful space to enjoy the big skies, the mountains of Spain or the big surf beaches on the Gower Peninsular.

It is our desire to encourage our guests to remember what they have forgotten. We believe that you already have the wisdom, skills and intelligence to create the life and lifestyle you desire – and therefore our work is about awakening your inner wisdom and willpower.

If you decide to travel with us on The Bohemian Way, we will discuss your vision. We will then co-create a way which may entail a trip to Gower for discussions and sharing of ideas; a Skype call to share and discuss your needs or a meeting with one of our team who may live near you. Our team are based in London, Bristol, Cardiff, Swansea, West Wales, Bournemouth, Chichester and Spain.

Everyone will be treated individually and will design with our support, their own personal journey planner.

A personal journey planner might contain:

  • A link to one of our coaches for ongoing inspiration over an agreed time frame
  • Taster day or weekend with one of our team
  • Taster day or weekend at a workshop in Bristol

Support to design a practice for your "true expression" – this may contain:

Meditation, mindfulness, breathwork, creative writing, coaching (prose, poetry, plays), creative photography, coaching, life energy coaching and advice on getting your own work out there.

Please feel free to make an enquiry or a booking