Raul Speek empowers creativity as an artist. He will help you achieve your creative heights!


Raul Speek

Artist, Musician and Facilitator

Raul has taught creative art workshops to all age groups and abilities since graduating in Cuba: Cubans are expected to teach as part of repayment for their education but his is a genuine love for teaching and helping others to open up to the creative force within themselves.  He is much in demand in the UK by schools, colleges, Art groups, prison facilities and individuals as his fresh, caring and experienced approach allows everyone to explore in the safe environment he creates.  He often works alongside his partner Heather Bennett who is a Psychotherapist and Counsellor.
We all encounter the desire to create but the creative process has coherent steps to follow: there is no difference between da Vinci and Jackson Pollock everyone has to pursue that pathway.
We help you to follow this way of uncovering the passion which we are all born with.