Heather Bennett


         Heather Bennett

Glynis Judge


Heather Bennett
Professional Photographer, Facilitator.


Using photography as a way of exploring who we are and our connection to others and the world around us reflects a picture of our inner landscape. 

Heather has trained extensively in photography over the years and has also been part of Bangor University’s Mindfulness initiative.  She uses both here to facilitate your journey into the creative space that the visual and emotional self can open up for you.  It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or more experienced in either field – we can journey together.

Glynis studied photography as an exploration of her awareness of the world around her.  She found it expanded her field of vision choosing the ‘content’ of each frame focusing in to see the detail.  As a breath worker Glynis believes the outer is only a reflection of the inner; for instance if we are peaceful we see peaceful things.  Photography then becomes a way of exploring our inner landscape and a great way into the soul.

Although you will need to bring a camera it does not have to be a state of the art SLR with separate lenses; a simple point and click is just as useful.  Either just bring what you have or contact us for advice if you are concerned about this.