Summer Chill Out - Space

It sounds odd, to chill out when the sun is at its hottest here in Spain but somehow this is what needs and wants to happen.  My BEING, just returned from a trip to Wales (Gales), now wishes to STOP .

Can I really choose to just STOP – what might this look like?  Feel like?

I want to allow a space where there is nothing to be done.  I have worked hard for fifteen months creating a beautiful space.  A space where I can be ‘HELD ‘ in the power and the beauty of the mountains.  I have clean fresh water free from any chemicals: to drink, to water my 52 glorious olive trees and to plunge my body into.

I have the night sky – free from light contamination – to gaze in awe at its beauty.  I have fresh produce to eat from my new vegetable patch created and tended by Jorge  (George in English).

But none of this can be enjoyed without ALIGNMENT  -  without an ability to BREATHE DEEPLY,  to RELAX.  To live each day with EFFORTLESS EASE.  And to know that I exist even when I am alone. That my presence is felt even when I am not seen.  Or heard.

So I continue to learn how to BE.   As Mooji says – to rest in the IS – NESS - that sacred SPACE within us – that IS-NESS which is total presence in the moment.

I need time to go BEYOND MIND– to allow my connection to SOURCE to become MY way of living each day.

Wish me luck – as I LET GO  -  and JUST CHILL -  in the heat of the Spanish Summer.  And the coolness of the nights with the STARS, with my Spirit Wolf, Arun sitting guarding me and my land called Sacred Earth.

It is now 0400 am – and as I finish this blog I hear a donkey making an EEEH AAWH   (how to spell that?) and I know I am truly blessed.

And I am never alone.

Glynis – The Bohemian Way – Spain.

15th July 2018