Our team of bohemian facilitators

Glynis Judge Founder of The Bohemian Way

The Founder is Glynis Judge. I have worked in a variety of different roles for British Airways, been a self employed Organisational Development Consultant; a Breathworker (Rebirther) and now a Creativity Coach and Facilitator. I also have an MA in Creative Writing at Swansea University and an MSc in Human Development from London University.

The team consists of specialist professional people who support the concept of 'The Bohemian Way'.

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Heather Bennett is a professional photographer, psycotherapist and facilitator who works with Glynic Judge at the Bohemian Way

Heather Bennett 

Professional Photographer, Psychotherapist and Facilitator

I met Glynis in 1990 since when we have worked creatively together on several different projects in Wales and Spain.  I lived for a short period of time in Orgiva, Spain and for the last twenty years have lived in Pembrokeshire.

My background is multi-faceted.  My first degree is in English Literature.  I then trained as a Rogerian Psychotherapist and Counsellor with the Institute of Person Centred Learning working in private practice 1989.  In parallel I own and run a Gallery on the South West Coast of Wales (Solva) with Cuban artist Raul Speek; my creative arena within this is photography.  I participate in several large exhibitions a year outside our Gallery, write and produce photographic books and run workshops both in Wales and away.


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Susan Steinberg is a film maker, director and creativity coach who works with Glynis Judge at the Bohemnian Way to coach creatives

Susan Steinberg
Film Maker, Director and Creativity Coach.

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Rebecca Faro is a dance and movement teacher in Spain who works with Glynis Judge at the Bohemian way to help creatives explore expansive freedom
Raul Speek is an artist, musician and facilitator who works with Glynis Judge at the Bohemian Way to coach you into your new life 

Rebecca Faro
Authentic Dance and Movement teacher. 
Lives in Southern Spain

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Raul Speek

Artist, Musician and Facilitator

I was born in Cuba in 1958 just as the revolution started and trained in art and taught there until I left in 1990 following a BBC Arena programme which I took part in and through which I came to the UK. 
I lived initially in London and ran a gallery in Spittalfield Market where Gilbert and George and Damien Hirst were frequent visitors.  Finding London life too distracting I left there in 1995 to set up a Gallery in Solva, Pembrokeshire with Heather Bennett.  I met Glynis there in 1996.  I exhibit internationally but never forget my roots and beliefs that creativity must be open to all. 
 I am also a musician playing in a mix of styles: I have a four piece jazz band and also write and perform piano pieces solo and with other musicians.  Music is a great creative space which I believe all can access.

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Christina Artemis is a life energy coach and breathworker who works with Glynis Judge at the Bohemian Way to help you become expansive through breathwork and rebirthing

Christina Artemis  

Theatre Director, Life Energy Coach and Breathworker.

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Joyce Tyson is a pilates teacher who works with Glynis Judge at the Bohemian Way to ignite your life through body and movement

Joyce Tyson 
Pilates Teacher

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Carolyn Coles is a scared sound healer who works with Glynis Judge at the Bohemian Way to relax, re-energise and revitalise you into your new life

Carolyn Coles 
Sacred Sound Healer

Healing voice, sacred sound baths, energy balancing, rituals and intuitive massage.

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