Heather Bennett


Glynis in creative reflection




By Heather Bennett and Glynis Judge


I have used creative writing in many forms to work with and alongside clients over the years as a tool to uncover not only who they are but who we can all potentially be.  Journal writing, fictional pieces, poetry, spider diagrams and other forms all form a network of avenues for self-exploration and fulfilment.  They can remain private or they can reach out to others in open communication and sharing – both processes are equally valid and rewarding.
My own experience has come from working in depth with clients and also from writing for various magazines both factually and in the field of fiction.  I have produced books for our gallery and exhibitions in which the written work is down to me.  We have often run Creative Writing Workshops in Solva covering the therapeutic world but also for those wishing to write purely for writing’s sake where time is sectioned into structure, characterisation, plot, creating a believable background and more.  
We are offering a facilitated space here in Wales and in Spain for you to explore in a safe environment any of these ‘tools’ and to take them back into your life to support and enhance it.  
Bohemian Way workshops are structured in a flexible way which ensures that your needs are part of how we spend the time and that we work at your pace.  The idea of having two facilitators is that if someone hits an issue which needs instant exploration or support there is a steady and supportive pair of hands readily available.

Glynis has an MA in Creative Writing from Swansea University.