An Introduction to The Bohemian Way

Hello, I'm Glynis and I run The Bohemian Way here in Orgiva, Southern Spain.

It is very exciting for me as the olive harvest is happening this weekend.  Yes, my beautiful black and green olives, photo below of half a day’s pickings and much more to come.  



Here in Orgiva we have several mills – and if you can pick minimum 500kgs you can take them to be pressed and get all your own oil back.  So this year we are doing this. 

Everyone is picking earlier this year due to the hot summer we have had and endless sunshine.  Green olives are more bitter but are alkaline.  Black olives are sweeter but more acid. 

So we are picking now with 25 percent green and 75 percent black – and we rest the oil for 40 days in a dark cupboard. Of course I will try the oil for Christmas – about 30 days from now.

My work at the Bohemian Way is to inspire people to become more expansive in their thoughts and their deeds and their life, and to become more creative and free.  I do hope I am a role model here as I have been on a very long journey – about 25 years – of letting go of fear and doubt and moving into a whole new way of living – both inside of myself and my surroundings.

I will be writing this blog once a week now and bringing you the world of southern Spain; its delights and its age old traditions. We are in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada where mules still work. No, they have not been retired yet!  And old people in their eighties and nineties still walk up and down steep steps and narrow alleys in the white villages – but they all have bowed legs – they look like they belong to the land and the mountains as their bodies have developed to manage the terrain. 

Bye for now – see you next week love Glynis